Abordarea interdisciplinară a despicăturilor facio-labio-palatine

Abordarea interdisciplinară a despicăturilor facio-labio-palatine

Interdisciplinary approach to facio-labio-palatine clefts

Ioana Mădălina ORIAN

Labio-maxillo-palatine clefts represent the most common congenital anomaly of all congenital malformations of the face and they are the most frequent cause of rhinolic disorders. The complexity of the therapeutic approach is determined by nutrition and eating problems, hearing and ENT problems, dento-facial and orthodontic abnormalities, breathing disorders, phonation disorders, reduced speech intelligibility, various physiognomic disorders.
The presented case study emphasizes the need of an interdisciplinary approach to labio-maxillo-palatine clefts and follows the recovery process from a multidisciplinary perspective. The conclusions of the paper support the idea that the recovery process of the child with facio-labio-palatine cleft is a complex, long-termed one and the concern of the speech and language therapist to expand his field of activity is justified because this disorder involves pre and post surgery intervention and the therapist supports the entire process in all the mentioned areas.

Keywords: labio-maxillo-palatine cleft, open rhinolalia, orthodontic devices, speech intelligibility, speech disorder

"/pdfDOI: 10.26744/rrttlc.2021.7.1.04

Published on line: 31/03/2021
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