Prevention means for reading and writing disorders addressing visual impaired children

Modalităţi de prevenire a tulburărilor de citire şi scriere la copiii nevăzători

Prevention means for reading and writing disorders addressing visual impaired children

Daniela BARTHA

We all know that blind children may have difficulties in reading and writing in Braille. For this reason, we think that a presentation of ways in which these difficulties could be prevented may be necessary. Thus, in this article, we will try to present some modalities in which parents and teachers may adapt some strategies of learning to read and write in Braille, starting from the pre-reading stage. We will also present some strategies in which tactile books may be adapted, because reading through images is an important basic skills for all children, even with or without disabilities.

Keywords: reading disorders, visual impairments, Braille, pre-reading stage, educational strategies for improving reading abilities

DOI: 10.26744/rrttlc.2016.2.1.04

Published on line: 15/03/2016


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