On-line Speech and language therapy

Terapia tulburărilor de limbaj derulată online

On-line Speech and language therapy

Dorina Anca TALAŞ

This article presents the major aspects regarding telepractice for speech and language therapy. The telepractice is defined according to ASHA, 2015 and the results some researchers made in the telepractice field are presented. The studies presented recommend telepractice in aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, voice disorders, dysphagia, fluency and voice disorders, language disorders diagnosis, articulation disorders. Caution is needed when working with severe cases. A classification of online therapy services is presented and online sessions are described. The advantages and disadvantages of using online speech and language therapy are discussed. It is important for the therapists to analyze each case with the family and to identify the best intervention possible for that case.

Keywords: online therapy, speech and language therapy, telepractice, distance therapy

DOI: 10.26744/rrttlc.2015.1.1.05

Published on line: 15/10/2015


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