Vocea în contextul gravidității

Vocea în contextul gravidității

Voice in pregnancy context


This paper wants to briefly review the available research on voice changes during pregnancy, to point out reasons why these changes could be subscribed to a voice disorder pathology and the need for these patients to be taken in charge with a suitable therapeutic approach. The available research literature looks mainly into identifying and exposing evidence of symptoms and signs against the presence of voice disorder in pregnant women and focuses poorly on proposing a therapeutic approach for the identified voice disorder within the context of pregnancy. This period of altered physiology and anatomic changes within the body of a pregnant woman is limited and transitory, most of times with no permanent visible impact on voice. However, pregnant women may benefit of not only being informed and aware about this disorder, but also counseling or therapy with the purpose of managing their voice in an optimal way, so that they avoid possible permanent phonotrauma.

Keywords: pregnancy – speaking voice – evaluation – therapeutic intervention – phonotrauma

Published on line: 30/10/2020

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