Terapia logopedică în mediul online: specific și implicații

Terapia logopedică în mediul online: specific și implicații

Online speech and language therapy:specific features and implications

Carolina BODEA-HAȚEGAN, Dorina Anca TALAȘ, Raluca Nicoleta TRIFU

This paper aims to provide some directions for approaching speech therapy in the online environment. The first part of the paper defines the key concepts used in the field of online speech therapy. Some relevant international research in the field of online speech and language therapy and some factors influencing online therapy are presented. The stages of organising an online therapy session are described with challenges and opportunities that arise during the session, as well as directions for monitoring and evaluation, through the concepts of communicative effectiveness and self-efficacy. The conclusions offer new directions for online therapy approach to the speech and language therapists.

Keywords: online speech and language therapy, educational platforms, online speech and language therapy organization, communication effectiveness, communication self-effectiveness

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