Rolul implicării parentale în procesul de intervenție logopedică

Rolul implicării parentale în procesul de intervenție logopedică

Parental Involvement in speech and language therapy intervention


This research aims to extend and adapt the therapy techniques, specific to the speak and language disorders domain, for their use in the child’s family environment. The main subjects of the research are the parents of the children diagnosed with speaking problems.
By encouraging the parent’s active participation within the logopedic therapy, it is intended to teach them, so that they could continue the therapy in the child’s every day life.
Moreover, the therapeutic collaboration between the speech therapist, the child and the parents allow to valorise the observations made by the parents related to the child environment and every day life, completing the information obtained by the therapist during the complex evaluation of the child. Using this exhaustive information, the therapist is able to propose an intervention program that is personalised to the child’s needs.
Furthermore, in the context of the recent changing of the work paradigm, when the therapy sessions are conducted in the format of teletherapy, the collaboration and the support offered by the therapist to the parents is essential for the success of the intervention program.

Keywords: language delays, telepractice, therapeutic teem, speech and language theraphy


DOI: 10.26744/rrttlc.2021.7.1.07
Published on line: 31/03/2021

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