Dezvoltarea limbajului expresiv în contextual TSA- Studiu de caz

Dezvoltarea limbajului expresiv în contextual TSA – Studiu de caz

Expressive language development in ASD context- Case Study

Valentina-Georgica POPONETE
Abstract This paper aims to highlight a way of approach for a child with ASD in the field of speech therapy alone, despite the unfavorable forecast (prognosis). The structure of the paper consists of two main parts: a theoretical one regarding the diagnosis and its involvement in the field of language development, and in the second part will be presented a case study carried out over a period of 6 months and with possible future opportunities progress. It is well known that most children with ADS have major language deficiencies coupled with their lack of social skills which worsens (accentuates) the course of further development and, therefore, early intervention can substantially reduce their disabilities. But, in this case study, it is presented a thirteen-year-old boy with ADS and its total absence (lack) of expressive language although the receptive language is at a pretty good level. The main goal of the program was to develop, somehow, (at first hand) first of all, a phonological basis in order to establish a pragmatic (functional) verbal communication. It is known that children with ADS are quite difficult to engage in activities that require focused attention and proper response to multiple requests and what was really remarkable and quite unusual, in the same time, is his full cooperation that led to significant results that will help him in the future.

Keywords: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), language development, intervention, expressive language disorder

DOI: 10.26744/rrttlc.2021.7.2.08

Published on line: 31/10/2021


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